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Union readings are a way to honour your mind and body: each reading includes a personal five-card tarot reading and short yoga sequence designed for you based on what the cards have to say.

Each reading includes:

The classic five-card reading // Card positions include the present situation, recent past, future, past influences still in effect and the potential within your situation.

The yoga // An eight-step illustrated yoga sequence that may include breath work, meditation cues and physical postures designed to complement your tarot reading.

Each reading consists of a photo of your cards, written insights, and illustrated yoga sequence, delivered digitally as a PDF within five days.

Once you've placed your order, please complete this form to send me your birth date and month, along with any questions and/or information you'd like to share.

Note: Yoga sequences are designed for those who have some experience with yoga poses and breathing exercises. Beginners are most definitely welcome: be sure to let me know your yoga experience before your reading and I'll include a quick yoga primer with you reading.


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